Women Empowerment Cell -A Report

                 The responsibility of educated women  is tremendous. Women have a significant role in shaping the behavior and mental makeup of the younger generations. A woman has the primary duty of nurturing and shaping the children into leaders of tomorrow. Women, who were given a prominent role in the family setup, by our heritage and culture, today in the modern age, have an important part to play in the National Development at large. Swami Vivekananda said, "If you want the nation to prosper include women in every aspect of our life".

    The integral development of the nation naturally includes modernization, urbanization, and industrialization. Technical knowledge, cultural development and economic progress to all are associated with them. Educated women graduates are really empowered to contribute significantly in these fields.

    Inspired by the lofty ideals of persons like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu and a galaxy of persons of par excellence who have dedicated their part of life for empowerment of women, the college established Women Studies Center from the academic year 2004-2005, which was renamed as Women Empowerment Cell in 2015.(previously named Women Development Cell )

    A committee is constituted as follows:

     Chairman                              Dr.N.Suryanarayana Raju, Principal
     Convener  Smt. A.N. Ramamani, Associate Professor in MCA
     Member  Smt. V. Kavitha Kumari, Lecturer in Mathematics
     Member  Dr. M. Rajyalakshmi, Lecturer in Telugu
     Member  Smt.B. Mamillu, Lecturer in Mathematics
     Member  Kum.K. Lakshmi Kanthamma, Lecturer in Zoology
     Member  Smt.K.SriLakshmi,Lecturer in Botany
     Member  Smt.P.Malleswari,Lecturer in English
     Member  Kum.P.Madhavi,Lecturer in Mathematics
     Member  Smt.P.Ch.Devi,Lecturer in PG Botany
     Member  Smt.G.Jyothi,Lecturer in PG Botany
     Student Representative  Kum.S.Haripriya, III B. Sc., MBBT
     Studet Representative  Kum.G.Saisree, III M.C.A.
    Student Representative  Kum.S.Anusha,II M.Sc(Botany)


    The cell was constituted with the specific objectives of:

    • To promote awareness among the students of the policies and programmes designed to remove gender discrimination, to uplift women and to make them viable citizens of the country.
    • To create awareness among women students on various job opportunities and self employment opportunities available.
    • To encourage women’s participation in capacity building and decision making programmes.
    • To create self defence awareness and emphasize the dignity of women.
    • To obtain information from all Universities and Organizations who are actively involved in Empowerment of Women.
    • To promote research on issues relating to gender equity, economic social equity and women’s empowerment.
    • To conduct awareness programmes on various women issues like sex abuse, rape, prostitution, abortion, maternal mortality etc.
    • To protect the right and freedom of women by conducting interactive sessions with eminent persons of different walks of life. The Cell will meet once in month to chalk out its programmes and to take steps to strengthen it. Activities @ Women Development Cell



    • Arranged a lecture cum demonstration programme on “Yoga and Meditation” for the Physical and Mental fitness of girl students.
    • Conducted protest rallies against indecent women posters, violence, atrocities on women, use of women as glamour dolls in advertisements and films.
    • Imparted special training on creativity and personality development involving all the faculty members of the college.
    • Induction of girl students into the NCC units.
    • WDC encourages women faculty members to attend seminars, workshops, orientation/refresher courses conducted by various universities and also encourages to join in M.Phl & Ph.D courses.


    • Interactive sessions were conducted on physical weakness and problems, self discipline, removal of class room fear in Co-Education, effective communication, appropriacy of dress, spiritual inputs for the benefit of girl students exclusively.
    • Mother Theresa’s birth day was celebrated on 26-08-12.
    • K. Annapurna, Yellapragada Memorial Nursing Home, penugonda conducted a programme on “Health & Nutrition” on 10-10-2012
    • Women’s day was celebrated on 08-03-2013.Smt. K.Radha Puspavathi , HOD,Economics, S.K.S.D.Women’s College ,Tanuku was invited as Chief guest

              PROGRAMMES CONDUCTED DURING 2013 – 2014:

    • Interactive sessions were conducted on Team effectiveness, Mock Interviews, Time management, Preparation of Resumes, Cover letter writing for the benefit of girl students exclusively.
    • Mother Theresa’s Birth day and Women Equality Day was celebrated on 26-08-13.
    • Women’s day was celebrated on 08-03-2014.for which Smt. J.Sujatha Kumari,former Principal,S.V.K.P&Dr.K.S.Raju A &S college,Penugonda, was the Chief guest.

            PROGRAMMES CONDUCTED DURING 2014 – 2015:

    • Mother Theresa’s birthday and Women Equality Day was celebrated on 26-08-14
    • Three III B.Sc(M.P.Cs) students,1.I.Roopa,2. S.Tejaswi and 3. K.S.L.Sowjanya got Software Trainee Jobs in Wipro and Infosys Companies through off Campus Interviews conducted at Eluru and Vijayawada.
    • Sheik Hafijunnisha,III B.com, Paricipated in Women National Basket Ball Competitions at Ranchi,and  got Ist place in ANUR Inter Collegiate Basket Ball Players(women) in Sir C.R.R Degree College, Eluru.
    • Women’s day was celebrated on 08-03-2015. Smt.Y.Subhashini ,HM,SVKP&SKVR School,Penugonda, was Chief guest.

           PROGRAMMES CONDUCTED DURING 2015 -2016:  

    • Anti-Ragging meeting was arranged on 4-08-2015 for which Smt. P.Sowmya Latha, DSP, Narsapur was invited as chief guest.
    • Mother Theresa’s birthday and Women Equality Day was celebrated on 26-08-15.
    • The College women NCC cadets participated in NAUSAINIK CAMP  in October 2015,held at Goa and won one gold , one silver and two bronze medals in semaphore and theory.
    • N.Ramya,III MCA student was selected in MPHASIS Off campus interview,conducted at SASI Engg. College,Tadepalli Gudem on 13-12-15 & 14-12-15.
    • “Rangoli” competitions, as a part of Cultural celebrations of  Sankranthi were conducted on 8-1-16 for girl students and prizes were distributed for winners.
    • International Women’s Day was celebrated on 08-03-16. Smt. SeetaDevi, writer, singer and Social service aspirant was  the Chief Guest. A website “ramawec.wordpress.com” was launched for Women       Empowerment Cell exclusively, by the chief guest. Songs and Sports competitions were conducted and prizes were distributed to winners.


    • “Food Festival” was organized by our girl students during National seminar on Human Rights on 20-8-16 to create awareness of nutrient food.
    • A Guest Lecture was arranged  on “Human rights  & Cyber crimes aginst Women” on 20-08-2016. Dr. Ratna Kumari, Director, Durgabai Deshmukh Study centre  for women,Visakhapatnam was the Chief Guest.
    • Mother Theresa’s birthday and Women Equality Day was Celebrated on 26-8-16.The members of WEC  have unanimously resolved to adopt a differently abled girl child on this occasion.
    • “Handicraft Exhibition” was arranged by the girl students of our college during the National Seminar of PRARAVE(Prajaswamika Rachiyithrula Vedika) held On 10-9-16 to enable the students aware of creativity in making gift articles.
    • A Guest Lecture by Dr.Kathyani Vidmahi,Central Literary Awardee,Hyderabad, was arranged on “Women Empowerment”on  10-9-2016.
    • A Guest Lecture  by Dr.Samatha Roshini,Hyderabad was arranged on was arranged on “Women and their Health Problems” on 11-9-2016.
    • A Guest Lecture by N.Rukmini, Senior Advocate, Guntur was arranged on “Women & Legal Problems” on 11-9-2016.
    • A six weeks(twice/week) training programme for girl students to learn “Self Defence Techniques” was started on 28-9-2016.A.Srininvasa Rao,Kung-fu Master Penugonda was the Mentor.


    Guest Lecture by Dr.Ratna Kumari,Director,Durgabai Deshmukh Study Center for women,

    Visakhapatnam on 20-08-16


    Mother Theresa's birthday and Women Equality Day Celebrations on 26-08-2016



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