• About Telugu Department

    The Department Of Telugu was established during the academic year 1974 with the aim of bringing young talent in rural area in the field of Telugu with the support of philanthropic management, talent and well experienced faculty, library, seminar hall. The department is already produced 35 successful batches to the society

    No. of Ph. D., Done    – 02

    No. of MPhil Guided – 04

    No. of UGC MRP Completed -01

    Number of Seminar Proceedings Published-04

    S.NO Title of the book        ISBN Number
    01 Swathanthrya Bharathi 978-93-5235-197-8 
    02 Dalitha  Bharathi 978-93-5235-199-2 
    03 Telugu Bharathi 978-93-5235-223-4 
    04 Ravindhra Bharathi 978-93-5235-198-5 
    05 Sahithya Bharathi  978-93-5254-330-4
S.No. Staff Details Designation Profiles
 1  Dr.M.Rajya  Lakshmi  Lecturer  View Bio Data
 2  Dr.R.Ramamohana Retd.,  Visiting Faculty View Bio Data





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