• About Chemistry Department

    The Department Of Chemistry was established during the academic year 1978 with the aim of bringing young talent in rural area in the field of Chemistry with the support of philanthropic management, talent and well experienced faculty, library, seminar hall. The department is already produced many successful batches to the society

    The P. G. course was started in the year 1993 by introducing M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry course with an intake of 24 students . In the year 2005 M.Sc. Organic Chemistry was also introduced with an intake of 27 students and reached to the present strength of 36 students. After the establishment, the department was headed by Dr. K. Rama Rao, with his broad vision he managed to equip the department with the initial infrastructure necessary for M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry students. M.Sc., Industrial Chemistry course was wound up in the year 2006.

    The department is currently headed by Dr. Ch. Durga Prasad, M.Sc., Ph.D, he laid emphasis to improve the quality of teaching, learning,   evaluation and is responsible for all round development of the department.

    From a modest beginning of department in Andhra University region up to 1995, the department over the years has grown into a reputed teaching institution in the surrounding areas under the leadership of Dr. Ch. Durga Prasad, Head of the Department. The department is equipped with advanced facilities such as Instrumentation Lab, Computer facility, Departmental library apart from Central Library etc.

    The department has shown a steady progress punctuated by milestones of achievement in facilitating the students with good career opportunities. Apart from teaching both teachers and students are engaged in Extension Programmes. Students enrolled in this department are mostly from the rural areas, so, the faculty turns them, with their teaching techniques and methods of implementation of the class room theory, to work in any environment enthusiastically.

    The Department of  Chemistry observes the needs and requirements of various Industries in and around the country. In this respect post graduate students are being trained in Theoretical, Analytical and research aspects. In view of globalisation, the responsibility of chemistry professional is steadily growing and our students are ready to face any challenge that arises in their profession. Our department encourages creativity, originality of the students. The faculty makes the students to develop their communication, personality, computer skills in addition to curricular and extra curricular activities.

    The college has established a placement cell in which students are being motivated in their attempts of settlement in various profession

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